The Importance Of A Girls Trip, Marfa, TX A Minimalist West Vibe

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“Nothing is worth anything unless you have your face in front of it.” – Dragset

We all have full time jobs, boyfriends and some of us husbands, but the most important part is our mental health and what fuels our pretty souls with happiness. That my friends, calls for having a girl’s trip at LEAST ONCE a year or however many times you want!

We all have our cute dream girl’s trips we want to go on

Going with the flow and saying yes to almost everything is my type of vibe. My friends know I’m not a good planner. I am the definition of last minute type of girl, but most of the time I will most likely say “I’m down!”

Say Yes!

The memories that we create is what others will remember us by when it is time to leave this beautiful earth. I’ve committed myself to taking the time to say “yes” to a good girls trip. It’s knowing that I need these moments more than anything. Knowing one day we are growing old, but we will have so many stories to sit down and share. Not just that; I love adventures.

For Those Moments

I will be that girl to tell my friends kids all the bullshit they got into when their “mom’s were young and free”. This are the moments that we’ll be able to share with our daughters if any of us get blessed with one. Those word’s of advise we gave one another when we had those girls trips. What we shared, cried, laugh and loved. How we hated and also loved each other. How we accepted each other individually with all our different personalities.

It’s All About The Memories

I’m going to be that friend to the end. The friend you will have a memory with. The girl that made the trip memorable regardless if it was good or bad [ lol ]. The person who did a lot of crap that got on your last nerves, but that friend that at the end of the day made you laugh the hardest.

Why A Girls Trip Is Important

It’s so important to take time to recognize that, yes, although we all change every single second of our live’s, we are not into the same old shit as we were when we were young. Having each other to vent, connect, take a good photo, enjoy a beautiful sunset laying by a beach or a resort with a great pool. If I’m being honest it’s about indulging in buying that forty dollar cocktail, pampering yourself and giving yourself that break.

Girls Trip; Do It Because You Can

Our partners treat us like queens, but why not do it when you’re surrounded by the most powerful women you love!? Do it because you can. We are girls and we love every fucking cute shit out there. Do it for the gram, your soul, and do it most importantly because you fucking love yourself more than anything. Your mental health is so important so why not fuel your soul with fun moments. Yes, all of the things above will bring you so much energy when you return to your routine we call every day life.

Why Is It Fun?

It’s fun going out with a bunch of your closes girls visiting places you never seen before. We empower one another by complementing each other by saying things like “I like your outfit” or ” I love those shoes on you.” These compliments are what boost our self-esteem and make us feel so fucking beautiful like a group of powerful goddesses! Also, we can not forget the power of being a female. We get FREE SHIT everywhere we go. Yup it’s not a myth. So why not use those powers god naturally gave us!? Why wouldn’t you? There is nothing wrong with enjoying life to the fullest. As long as you are not hurting anyone; of course!

Prada Store
Marfa, TX
Fashion comes easy to her <3

Plan Your Trip!

So enough said this 2021 you need to plan a trip. Start your savings, look for the best deals, and BOOK YOUR DAMN TRIP! Of course, if the pandemic permits. You will not regret the moments you had. Remember they are just stories you can share one day.<3 It’s about those mystical moments, those moments you’ll never forget.

One of our most recent trips before the pandemic hit was Marfa, Tx. It was a quick weekend road trip. We stayed at El Cosmico. Half of the group stayed in a tepees and the other two stayed in a cute airstream to complete the real Marfa West Texas vibe.

“Friendship is so weird … You just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like ‘Yep, I like this one’ and you just do stuff with them.”

Visiting The Downtown Aquarium in Denver

Exhibit – North America

Whats cool about visiting Downtown Aquarium in Denver

The Atmosphere

Exhibit – At The Wharf

Denver Aquarium did a great job with the theme all until the very end which threw me off. Keep reading and I will explain the why.

The first thing you see when you walk in the building is a vast blue wall. Additionally, you will also find a waiting line where you’ll take a silly and non-silly photo. After all the boring stuff the excitement begins!

Tip:Get your phones and cameras ready. The lighting inside the building can be a bit tricky in some areas. Setting your camera for dark or low lights would give you great shots as you are walking through the caves and other exhibitions.

Exhibit – Under The Sea
Exhibit – Coral Lagoon

What to Expect in your visit to Denver’s Aquarium

Lots of water a cool blue lighting! No, but really, the underwater exhibitions are quite breath taking. Below are a few of my favorite exhibits I saw during my tour. Each of these exhibits had it’s own decor and theme, and was enjoyable to walk.North America.

  • North America
  • Under The Sea
  • In The Desert
  • Coral Lagoon
  • At The Wharf

The Poison Dart Frogs

Exhibit – In The Desert

These Poison Dart Frogs were freaking beautiful! So tiny and deadly. They get your attention right away due to their brightly colored bodies. These little things are native from Tropical Central and South America.

Denver Downtown Aquarium
Exhibit – In The Desert
Denver Downtown Aquarium
Denver Downtown Aquarium
Underwater Tunnel

Felix and I are not huge planners, so that means we leave things for the very last minute. We did not purchase our admission tickets ahead of time, but that didn’t seem to be a problem during the weekday. I recommend you visit their website ahead of time or give them a call.


Riviera Nayarit Mexico

Sayulita Beach View

Whatever circumstances were happening in my life in that moment I’m just grateful for this trip.

Grateful I am still alive today at 27
Grateful for the experience
Grateful for the enjoyment
Grateful for my smiles
Grateful I had another day to take a breath of fresh air
Grateful for the romance

It was a trip to keep me alive, whatever the reasons where for this trip, I will call it a blessing.

It was my first time visiting the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta -> Riviera Nayarit Mexico.

Riviera Nayarit was magical. It was a special trip, a real hidden gem. The environment was fun and the energy was high. There was a beautiful vibration of happiness all around. Nayarit was a perfectly happy place; it allowed me to let go of all the stress and crazy things life throws without any warnings.  I was able to reconnect with my soul to remind myself everything was ok.

My life continues to be guided by the Universe. It takes unexpected turns, sometimes they are painful, unreal, feel like a nightmare, but in the end you have to accept it, keep moving forward and trust the way things unfold without having control. Travel heals pains, worries and takes away your sufferings.

One thing you are in control of is your happiness. Instead manifest happiness and enjoy life by living to the fullest and letting go of your ego. Positive thoughts and favorable situations can bring a little sparkle to your soul and can brighten up your life!

Travel heals your pains, worries, and takes away your sufferings.


  • Mary’s Traditional Mexican Cuisine
  • Emilianos
  • Aeleyah’s Nachos & Wings

Mary’s Traditional Mexican Cuisine –  It was delicious, it was a fun spot to dine in. The restaurant was small. The dining tables were placed out by the street and performers would stop by showing off their incredible talents. The energy was upbeat!! 

Emilianos – This place was great! The placement of this restaurant made it a perfect location. The bar stools out on the side walk made for a perfecto ocean breeze.  I definitely recommend ordering the mojitos and margaritas from this place,  they were so bomb!! The prices were also very affordable and the staff was very friendly. 



Aaleyah’s Nachos & Wings – The micheladas were delicious and were the perfect hangover cure.  Fun Fact! The owner’s uncle ages tequila in oak barrels which makes it very smooth.

Monkey Mountain Cafe – If you are looking for a healthy and delicious smoothie or a nice breakfast oatmeal bowl Monkey Mountain Cafe is the place to go. The Frappuccino ice coffee is personally my favorite and always a go to. One thing that really stood out to me, which was amazing is the fact that they host English classes for children and surf classes.

A wise monkey never monkeys with another monkey’s monkey

  • Sayulita
  • Punto De Mita
  • Litibu

Sayulita had a different energy, quite literally! The whole town experience a power outage, more than once and the night life kept going. 

Sayulita had a different energy, quite literally! The whole town experience a power outage, more than once and the night life kept going.

Punta de mita was more of a quiet and chill town with  stunning views. This is were the ocean activities take place. 

Punta Mita

Punta Mita

Restaurant La Cabana Punta Mita


We ended up meeting a women from Colorado who had been staying in this location for three months. She turned us on to this cozy, cabin-like cabana. 



1.) Book flights with TIME!

2.) Take a minute to take in the fresh air, you are in a new place, new culture, new vibration, new energy

2.) Love, smile and be happy

4.) Let go of your worries

5.)Re-connect with your self, reflect on your emotions and let the universe take care of the rest

6.) Make a promise to yourself to go out and explore all the beautiful places this world has for you

7.)Even though I was going through a really hard time I learned how to embrace the environment and enjoy my time.



Los Angeles, California


Día Uno

Jueves Oct 5,2016 | Tiempo de abordar – H-Town to L.A.

California fue mi regalo de cumpleaños. Un viaje que fue inesperado pero al mismo tiempo majestuoso. Aprendí sobre mí y sobre el estilo de vida que otros estados tienen.

Este año pude explorar una parte nueva del mapa en la que nunca he estado pero que había soñado durante algunos años. Gracias a mi dulce dearonlinediary que me obsequió con la aventura más increíble.

El mes de octubre fue una bendición. Octubre es el mes en que nací. El clima, las vibraciones, las celebraciones mantuvieron mi corazón lleno de alegría.

Déjame guiarte a través de mis días.



Day One

Thursday Oct 5, 2016 | Boarding Time – H-Town to L.A.

California was my birthday gift. A trip that was unexpected but at the same time majestic. I learned about myself and from the lifestyle that other states have.

This year I was able to explore a new part of the map that I’ve never been to but had dreamed of for a few years. Thanks to my sweet dearonlinediary who gifted me with the most amazing adventure.

The month of October was a blessing. October is the month in which I was born. The climate, the good vibes, the celebrations kept my heart full of joy.

Let me take you through my days.



Día Dos

Viernes, Oct 6, 2016 | Runyon Canyon Park

Un momento de ejercicio, que no esperaba. La típica yo se me olvidó empacar el outfit adecuado. Gracias a Dios puse unos leggings de ejercicio en la maleta que iba a usar como pijama.

Day Two

Friday Oct 6, 2016 | Runyon Canyon Park

moment of exercise, which I did not expect. The typical me forgot to pack the proper outfit. Thank GOD I put some workout leggings in the suitcase that I was going to use as pajamas.

Runyon Canyon Park
Runyon Canyon Park

Día Tres

Domingo, Oct 8, 2016 | Alfred’s Coffee

Una chica llamada Meagan que estaba sentada a mí lado en el avión, nos recomendó este hermoso café! Alferd’s Coffee.

(Latte de vainilla con leche de almendras D E L I C I O S O!!!) 



Day Three

Sunday Oct 8th, 2016 | Alferd’s Coffee 

A girl name Megan, who was sitting next to me in the airplane recommended us this beautiful coffee spot, Alferds Coffee.

(Vanilla ice latte with Almond milk D E L I C I O U S!!!)


Alferd's Coffee
Alferds Coffee
Alferd's Coffee
Alferds Coffee

Día Cuatro

Domingo, Oct 8 | Joans on 3rd

En la misma calle del Alferd’s Coffee, nos encontramos con Joans on 3rd, para tomar un bocado rápido y delicioso. Joans en 3rd es un lindo restaurante/mercado propio de Joan McNamara que creó L.A food institution. Un super lindo y moderno lugar donde puedes comer unos platos muy sabrosos. Mi elección de desayuno fue un pan tostado con aguacate con un poco de sal. ¡Delicioso!

The Grove

Day Four

Sunday, Oct 8th | Joans on 3rd

On the same street of Alferd’s coffee we came across Joans on 3rd, to grab a quick and delicious bite. Joans on 3rd is a cute restaurant/marketplace owned by Joan McNamara who created L.A food institution. A super cute and trendy place where you can grab some very tasty plates. My breakfast always consists of non-egg related meals, so my choice of breakfast was an avocado toast with a sprinkle of salt. Delish!

Joans on 3rd

Día Cuatro

Domingo, Octubre 8 | Universal Studios Hollywood 

Universal Studios ni siquiera estaba en nuestros planes de viaje, ocurrió todo en el último momento, se suponía que íbamos a una bodega de vino en Malibú, pero las cosas pasaron, y no pudimos hacerlo, creo que el parque fue la mejor decisión que tomamos !!!!! Porque sigo siendo un niña de corazón, y cosas como los parques temáticos me emocionan.

¿Cómo puedo olvidar este día? este día fue mi favorito. Sentí una emoción que no había sentido en años desde que era una niña pequeña. Cuando llegamos a Universal Studios estaba tan emocionada y ansiosa por entrar, casi corrimos hacia la taquilla, y no pude dejar de brincar de emoción. Nunca antes había estado en un parque temático tan genial; ¡todo era tan nuevo para mí! El tipo que nos atendió en la taquilla nos contó acerca de un trato que estaban teniendo ese día; tenían el pase Universal Express por 169 dólares 20 dólares más barato que comprarlos en línea y por supuesto que ni siquiera lo pensamos dos veces ¡era un trato! Lo mejor que podríamos haber hecho fue comprar pase express. Valió cada centavo, el pase express te daba acceso VIP a todos los paseos, lo que nos hizo esperar de 5-15 minutos frente a la entrada general, las colas sin el pase express estaban super largas y la espera de aproximadamente 45 minutos a 1 hora. Les recomiendo que compren el pase express si tienen el dinero.

Day Four

Sunday, October 8th | Universal Studios Hollywood 

Universal Studios was not even in our trip plans it happened all last minute, we were supposed to go to a Winery in Malibu, but things happened, and we couldn’t make it. I think the park was the best decision we made!!!!! But again I am a child at heart, and things like theme parks excite me.

How can I forget this day? this day was my favorite. I felt an emotion that I had not felt in years since I was a little girl. When we arrived at Universal Studios I was so excited and anxious to get in, we almost ran up to the ticket booth, and I could not stop jumping of excitement. I have never been to such a cool theme park before; everything was so new to me! The guy who assisted us at the ticket booth told us about a deal they were having that day; they had the Universal Express Pass for 169 dollars 20 dollars cheaper than buying them online and of course we did not even think about it twice, it was a deal! The best thing we could have done was to purchase express passes. It was worth every penny. The express pass got you VIP access to all the rides which made us only wait 5-15 minutes vs. the general admission, the lines were super long, and the wait was about 45 minutes to 1 hour. I encourage you all to get the express passes if you have the funds.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™
The Simpsons Ride™
The Simpsons Ride™
Super Silly Fun Land

Día Cinco

Lunes, Octubre 9 |  Wasteland 

Una de las mejores tiendas que visité en Los Ángeles fue Wasteland, ubicada en Studio City Ventura St. Fue la mejor, puedes encontrar ropa de marca de diseñador a precios asequibles. Te recomiendo que vayas si estas en la zona.

Day Five

Monday, October 9th | Wasteland

One of the best stores I visited in Los Angeles was Wasteland, located in Studio City Ventura St. It was the best, you can find designer brand clothing at affordable prices. I recommend you stop by if you are in the area.


Mexican traditional house interior design is so interesting.

I see beauty anywhere I lay an eye on. Going back to my grandmother’s house after a few years of not being there, made me feel so culturally connected to where I come from. The choices of furniture, texture, and patterns they used to decorate the interior of their beloved home was so beautiful. Nothing inside matched or floated together. The bedroom tile and living-kitchen space tile had different colors. The walls were a soft peachy pink and the furniture, and bed covers were very old fashion with different colors, texture, and patterns. The photo frames hanging on the walls were off centered hanging from a very crooked rusty wire. The decorative pieces they choose to put on top of their dresser were creepy. They had so much innocence in them and saw value to everything they had, from a teddy bear that the fur was no longer soft but hard, from a wedding arrangement they brought home from a relative’s wedding. They would keep it for years! I loved going to Mexico when I was little I use to always love seeing all the “new” things they had laying around their bedrooms everything was just so interesting at that time.

It was beautiful in its own way. The beauty of interiors is art to my eyes.