WOW, I’m back!!!

After nearly two years of absence on my blog, here I am!


I’m beyond shocked how much I left on pause for a almost two years! Guys, I’M 30! and so much has changed! There is so much to catch up on..

Honestly, although there was so much growth, there were also hardships. I’ve managed to survive a pandemic and lose track of my true passions (yep, that happens to the best of us). I’ve also been chasing a corporate lifestyle and to be completely transparent, I HATE IT. 

Enough, with the negativity of things! I seriously could not be more excited to be connecting and inspiring you all. Now that I am in my beautiful 30’s, my body and mind have been transforming, blooming in a way that is natural and pure gold. It’s a gentle love, but also bold and strong. Clarity to it’s finest! Although I paused my favorite part of me, my creative side, I never really lost it. It has been there all along waiting patiently for me.

For my 30TH birthday I wanted a photo shoot. Here is what we captured on October 22, 2020. 


Graffiti – Oink!



I’m a proud tagger now! I can say I found my TAG NAME that suits me 100%!!!

It took a few years, quite a few different handwritings, and multiple night sessions of scribbles.

Why Oink?…. Well, let’s first start with my lifelong nickname “Porcini” or “Porcina” if you google it the translation is not as cute, you’ll get the word “Swine” but the nickname in Spanish is a lot cuter, think of it as piglet or a baby pig.

Why a pig?…. Food has always been my weakness, especially when I traveled to Mexico. It was hard to control my eating, I was always craving or wanting food. I was 17… blame it on the teenage years. But in reality, I’m an adult now, and that has not changed one bit.

So anyways….

Who got me into graffiti?…. I couldn’t have done it without my biggest graffiti influence, the love of my life who has poured his passion right in front of my own eyes for almost 6 years. My one and only, SNUCK ONE. @fkat44



Leg Day


How do I start?!

Well first things first! This is my first official blog video! So excited to share, hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

I’m a mess. Last time I worked out was Monday March 27th 2017. Yeah being healthy and fit is not as easy of a lifestyle as everyone makes it seem. It’s hard work and a shit load of commitment. I had been slacking for nine days to be exact. But not today Satan, not today!

I have my fiance out of town and been feeling so emotional. I typically work a lot and never get the motivation to go to the gym by myself after work unless he is in town. I been benching on my sofa eating like a true piggy.

Today was different. I woke up productive. I made myself a bowl of oatmeal, ate a yogurt and finally made some delicious detox water to treat my body. My favorite is the cucumber + orange + lemon + mint leaves. Delicious and refreshing.

Well after a really good breakfast I told myself I needed to get out and get a little bit of fresh air. The weather was so perfect today we were in the 70’s (Ya’ll is TEXAS) we hardly get that kinda breeze around here! So I got my gear and took off to Zilker Park, in Downtown Austin. The most beautiful views for motivation.

I was jamming out to old school hip-hop remembering my boo. That gave me the jump start of my work out routines. It was perfect, I forgot about my worries, and about who was around and who was looking. I took a breath of fresh air and started took the first jump!

One of my favorite work outs, is an e-book I bought about 2 years ago, The Squat Challenge. It is an 8 week program to get some boo-tay and legs. It kills me every time. You’ll see in the video two of the 6 different work outs I had to do.

I love the way each workout burns!

Ended with a stretch

The Struggle

I remember this night, sitting outside of a coffee shop with one of my creative friends @mynameisceecee. I was jobless and pushing myself each day to get my creative juices flowing. I was trying to figure out where my life was heading. The struggle was real. The more I tried to chase my “dream” the more distant it got, but I kept running after it. I never stopped.

We decided that we would bounce ideas off each other on how to make our dreams become a reality. Thinking back to that night, both of us have come a long way. CeeCee moved to Atlanta to pursue her dream, who is now living with issues, a really well-known band, and traveling taking photos of musicians. The dream became reality. I was struggling to figure out what job to get or what path to take. What was I good at?

Soon enough, everything fell into place. I’m beyond blessed to be where I am now, writing this post in MY OWN blog, and following my interior design passion with no doubts.


Photo Credit: mynameisceecee Location: Round Rock TX