How do I start?!

Well first things first! This is my first official blog video! So excited to share, hope you all enjoy as much as I did.

I’m a mess. Last time I worked out was Monday March 27th 2017. Yeah being healthy and fit is not as easy of a lifestyle as everyone makes it seem. It’s hard work and a shit load of commitment. I had been slacking for nine days to be exact. But not today Satan, not today!

I have my fiance out of town and been feeling so emotional. I typically work a lot and never get the motivation to go to the gym by myself after work unless he is in town. I been benching on my sofa eating like a true piggy.

Today was different. I woke up productive. I made myself a bowl of oatmeal, ate a yogurt and finally made some delicious detox water to treat my body. My favorite is the cucumber + orange + lemon + mint leaves. Delicious and refreshing.

Well after a really good breakfast I told myself I needed to get out and get a little bit of fresh air. The weather was so perfect today we were in the 70’s (Ya’ll is TEXAS) we hardly get that kinda breeze around here! So I got my gear and took off to Zilker Park, in Downtown Austin. The most beautiful views for motivation.

I was jamming out to old school hip-hop remembering my boo. That gave me the jump start of my work out routines. It was perfect, I forgot about my worries, and about who was around and who was looking. I took a breath of fresh air and started took the first jump!

One of my favorite work outs, is an e-book I bought about 2 years ago, The Squat Challenge. It is an 8 week program to get some boo-tay and legs. It kills me every time. You’ll see in the video two of the 6 different work outs I had to do.

I love the way each workout burns!

Ended with a stretch


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