Mexican traditional house interior design is so interesting.

I see beauty anywhere I lay an eye on. Going back to my grandmother’s house after a few years of not being there, made me feel so culturally connected to where I come from. The choices of furniture, texture, and patterns they used to decorate the interior of their beloved home was so beautiful. Nothing inside matched or floated together. The bedroom tile and living-kitchen space tile had different colors. The walls were a soft peachy pink and the furniture, and bed covers were very old fashion with different colors, texture, and patterns. The photo frames hanging on the walls were off centered hanging from a very crooked rusty wire. The decorative pieces they choose to put on top of their dresser were creepy. They had so much innocence in them and saw value to everything they had, from a teddy bear that the fur was no longer soft but hard, from a wedding arrangement they brought home from a relative’s wedding. They would keep it for years! I loved going to Mexico when I was little I use to always love seeing all the “new” things they had laying around their bedrooms everything was just so interesting at that time.

It was beautiful in its own way. The beauty of interiors is art to my eyes.


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