Sayulita Beach View

Whatever circumstances were happening in my life in that moment I’m just grateful for this trip.

Grateful I am still alive today at 27
Grateful for the experience
Grateful for the enjoyment
Grateful for my smiles
Grateful I had another day to take a breath of fresh air
Grateful for the romance

It was a trip to keep me alive, whatever the reasons where for this trip, I will call it a blessing.

It was my first time visiting the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta -> Riviera Nayarit Mexico.

Riviera Nayarit was magical. It was a special trip, a real hidden gem. The environment was fun and the energy was high. There was a beautiful vibration of happiness all around. Nayarit was a perfectly happy place; it allowed me to let go of all the stress and crazy things life throws without any warnings.  I was able to reconnect with my soul to remind myself everything was ok.

My life continues to be guided by the Universe. It takes unexpected turns, sometimes they are painful, unreal, feel like a nightmare, but in the end you have to accept it, keep moving forward and trust the way things unfold without having control. Travel heals pains, worries and takes away your sufferings.

One thing you are in control of is your happiness. Instead manifest happiness and enjoy life by living to the fullest and letting go of your ego. Positive thoughts and favorable situations can bring a little sparkle to your soul and can brighten up your life!

Travel heals your pains, worries, and takes away your sufferings.


  • Mary’s Traditional Mexican Cuisine
  • Emilianos
  • Aeleyah’s Nachos & Wings

Mary’s Traditional Mexican Cuisine –  It was delicious, it was a fun spot to dine in. The restaurant was small. The dining tables were placed out by the street and performers would stop by showing off their incredible talents. The energy was upbeat!! 

Emilianos – This place was great! The placement of this restaurant made it a perfect location. The bar stools out on the side walk made for a perfecto ocean breeze.  I definitely recommend ordering the mojitos and margaritas from this place,  they were so bomb!! The prices were also very affordable and the staff was very friendly. 



Aaleyah’s Nachos & Wings – The micheladas were delicious and were the perfect hangover cure.  Fun Fact! The owner’s uncle ages tequila in oak barrels which makes it very smooth.

Monkey Mountain Cafe – If you are looking for a healthy and delicious smoothie or a nice breakfast oatmeal bowl Monkey Mountain Cafe is the place to go. The Frappuccino ice coffee is personally my favorite and always a go to. One thing that really stood out to me, which was amazing is the fact that they host English classes for children and surf classes.

A wise monkey never monkeys with another monkey’s monkey

  • Sayulita
  • Punto De Mita
  • Litibu

Sayulita had a different energy, quite literally! The whole town experience a power outage, more than once and the night life kept going. 

Sayulita had a different energy, quite literally! The whole town experience a power outage, more than once and the night life kept going.

Punta de mita was more of a quiet and chill town with  stunning views. This is were the ocean activities take place. 

Punta Mita
Punta Mita
Restaurant La Cabana Punta Mita


We ended up meeting a women from Colorado who had been staying in this location for three months. She turned us on to this cozy, cabin-like cabana. 



1.) Book flights with TIME!

2.) Take a minute to take in the fresh air, you are in a new place, new culture, new vibration, new energy

2.) Love, smile and be happy

4.) Let go of your worries

5.)Re-connect with your self, reflect on your emotions and let the universe take care of the rest

6.) Make a promise to yourself to go out and explore all the beautiful places this world has for you

7.)Even though I was going through a really hard time I learned how to embrace the environment and enjoy my time.



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