January 17, 2021


The Importance Of A Girls Trip, Marfa, TX A Minimalist West Vibe

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“Nothing is worth anything unless you have your face in front of it.” – Dragset

We all have full time jobs, boyfriends and some of us husbands, but the most important part is our mental health and what fuels our pretty souls with happiness. That my friends, calls for having a girl’s trip at LEAST ONCE a year or however many times you want!

We all have our cute dream girl’s trips we want to go on

Going with the flow and saying yes to almost everything is my type of vibe. My friends know I’m not a good planner. I am the definition of last minute type of girl, but most of the time I will most likely say “I’m down!”

Say Yes!

The memories that we create is what others will remember us by when it is time to leave this beautiful earth. I’ve committed myself to taking the time to say “yes” to a good girls trip. It’s knowing that I need these moments more than anything. Knowing one day we are growing old, but we will have so many stories to sit down and share. Not just that; I love adventures.

For Those Moments

I will be that girl to tell my friends kids all the bullshit they got into when their “mom’s were young and free”. This are the moments that we’ll be able to share with our daughters if any of us get blessed with one. Those word’s of advise we gave one another when we had those girls trips. What we shared, cried, laugh and loved. How we hated and also loved each other. How we accepted each other individually with all our different personalities.

It’s All About The Memories

I’m going to be that friend to the end. The friend you will have a memory with. The girl that made the trip memorable regardless if it was good or bad [ lol ]. The person who did a lot of crap that got on your last nerves, but that friend that at the end of the day made you laugh the hardest.

Why A Girls Trip Is Important

It’s so important to take time to recognize that, yes, although we all change every single second of our live’s, we are not into the same old shit as we were when we were young. Having each other to vent, connect, take a good photo, enjoy a beautiful sunset laying by a beach or a resort with a great pool. If I’m being honest it’s about indulging in buying that forty dollar cocktail, pampering yourself and giving yourself that break.

Girls Trip; Do It Because You Can

Our partners treat us like queens, but why not do it when you’re surrounded by the most powerful women you love!? Do it because you can. We are girls and we love every fucking cute shit out there. Do it for the gram, your soul, and do it most importantly because you fucking love yourself more than anything. Your mental health is so important so why not fuel your soul with fun moments. Yes, all of the things above will bring you so much energy when you return to your routine we call every day life.

Why Is It Fun?

It’s fun going out with a bunch of your closes girls visiting places you never seen before. We empower one another by complementing each other by saying things like “I like your outfit” or ” I love those shoes on you.” These compliments are what boost our self-esteem and make us feel so fucking beautiful like a group of powerful goddesses! Also, we can not forget the power of being a female. We get FREE SHIT everywhere we go. Yup it’s not a myth. So why not use those powers god naturally gave us!? Why wouldn’t you? There is nothing wrong with enjoying life to the fullest. As long as you are not hurting anyone; of course!

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Plan Your Trip!

So enough said this 2021 you need to plan a trip. Start your savings, look for the best deals, and BOOK YOUR DAMN TRIP! Of course, if the pandemic permits. You will not regret the moments you had. Remember they are just stories you can share one day.<3 It’s about those mystical moments, those moments you’ll never forget.

One of our most recent trips before the pandemic hit was Marfa, Tx. It was a quick weekend road trip. We stayed at El Cosmico. Half of the group stayed in a tepees and the other two stayed in a cute airstream to complete the real Marfa West Texas vibe.

“Friendship is so weird … You just pick a human you’ve met and you’re like ‘Yep, I like this one’ and you just do stuff with them.”