Visiting The Downtown Aquarium in Denver

Exhibit – North America

Whats cool about visiting Downtown Aquarium in Denver

The Atmosphere

Exhibit – At The Wharf

Denver Aquarium did a great job with the theme all until the very end which threw me off. Keep reading and I will explain the why.

The first thing you see when you walk in the building is a vast blue wall. Additionally, you will also find a waiting line where you’ll take a silly and non-silly photo. After all the boring stuff the excitement begins!

Tip:Get your phones and cameras ready. The lighting inside the building can be a bit tricky in some areas. Setting your camera for dark or low lights would give you great shots as you are walking through the caves and other exhibitions.

Exhibit – Under The Sea
Exhibit – Coral Lagoon

What to Expect in your visit to Denver’s Aquarium

Lots of water a cool blue lighting! No, but really, the underwater exhibitions are quite breath taking. Below are a few of my favorite exhibits I saw during my tour. Each of these exhibits had it’s own decor and theme, and was enjoyable to walk.North America.

  • North America
  • Under The Sea
  • In The Desert
  • Coral Lagoon
  • At The Wharf

The Poison Dart Frogs

Exhibit – In The Desert

These Poison Dart Frogs were freaking beautiful! So tiny and deadly. They get your attention right away due to their brightly colored bodies. These little things are native from Tropical Central and South America.

Denver Downtown Aquarium
Exhibit – In The Desert
Denver Downtown Aquarium
Denver Downtown Aquarium
Underwater Tunnel

Felix and I are not huge planners, so that means we leave things for the very last minute. We did not purchase our admission tickets ahead of time, but that didn’t seem to be a problem during the weekday. I recommend you visit their website ahead of time or give them a call.