I fell in love ♥

Interior love. Love at first sight. Color theory. I fell in love with the ambient of this space, it was inviting and calm.

White: Relates a sense of cleanliness and purity. It is great for defining a space, but use white in conjunction with other colors since too much reads as sterile.

Black: An assertion of power. Use black for statement pieces that you want to draw the eye.

Brown: Like green, brown’s natural roots give it a relaxing touch. Choose it for rooms where the family gathers and furniture groupings that will incite conversation.

Yellow: Associated with happiness, creation, and creativity. It works well in combination with a calming neutral and in rooms with lots of natural light to create a peaceful environment.

Read more: http://freshome.com/2014/09/09/how-your-interior-design-is-influencing-your-subconscious/#ixzz4a931FM8U
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Café with a soul

Café with a soul

Café with a soul

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