Graffiti – Oink!



I’m a proud tagger now! I can say I found my TAG NAME that suits me 100%!!!

It took a few years, quite a few different handwritings, and multiple night sessions of scribbles.

Why Oink?…. Well, let’s first start with my lifelong nickname “Porcini” or “Porcina” if you google it the translation is not as cute, you’ll get the word “Swine” but the nickname in Spanish is a lot cuter, think of it as piglet or a baby pig.

Why a pig?…. Food has always been my weakness, especially when I traveled to Mexico. It was hard to control my eating, I was always craving or wanting food. I was 17… blame it on the teenage years. But in reality, I’m an adult now, and that has not changed one bit.

So anyways….

Who got me into graffiti?…. I couldn’t have done it without my biggest graffiti influence, the love of my life who has poured his passion right in front of my own eyes for almost 6 years. My one and only, SNUCK ONE. @fkat44